Servants of the Raven Queen

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Session 1

The players are brought before the arch priest Aquis of the temple of the Raven Queen in the village of Tolandra. Aquis tells them of the mission they have before them. Investigate the recent disturbances in the crypts of the town Sendoval.

The players are outfitted by the dwarven armorer Dorimir and told that they have a 2 day journey to Sendoval.

On the way to Sendoval, the players encounter a small band of goblins that have seemingly ambushed and burned a passenger couch and it’s occupants. They swiftly dispatch the goblins and continunue on the mission.

The players reach the village at dusk, where they meet an agent of Aquis. He briefs them with the situation in the graveyard. ”_ An eerie glow has been coming from the local graveyard as of the last two weeks. None of the villagers have been brave enough to approach and investigate. Aquis wants your team to investigate the graveyard and clear out any unnatural phenomena. If you find anything out of the ordinary then report it to Aquis. A family of four has gone missing as well. We don’t know if they are involved in this, but i’m sure the mayor will reward you if his people are brought back safe._”

After another couple hours of marching uphill, night falls. The graveyard us surrounded by a low wall. Several low hanging trees populate the area. Three mausoleums dominate the far end. As they enter the perimeter, Aelar notices that several of the graves have been disturbed.

Several famine hounds and a decrepit skeleton appear to materialize from the darkness. Perhaps attracted by the careless approach of the party. The party quickly dispatches the undead with only Hardon taking any serious damage.

The skirmish in the graveyard seems to have aroused whatever resistance was left in the captives. A babies cry and a soft moan emanate from the northern crypt. Upon investigation, the party discovers several undead apparently guarding a woman and a baby who have been tossed into a trench.

The party makes short work of the pale reaver and it’s minions. Rescuing the woman and her child. As they search the crypt, they find a small silver bowl and a map.

Once they exit the crypt, they notice an unmistakable glow covering the graveyard. They decide that this cannot wait for morning and move to determine the source of the glow.

Inside the center crypt several runes flicker intermittently on the floor. Two mauled corpses can be seen. A rune-covered slab of rock that once covered the rear passage has shattered. The unmistakable glow is coming from within.

As the party enter the lower crypt, they see a man bound next to a purple glowing skull on top of a sarcophagus. He is surrounded by several zombies, skeletons, and wights chanting in a strange tongue. After a quick battle they manage to save the man and take possession of the Onyx skull. The man looks sickly and abused but is very grateful. He relates how the previous two men had their chests ripped open by the wights as sacrifices to the skulls evil power.

The party escorts the family back to the town and the mayor gives them a slight gold reward and rooms for the night. During the night, evil visions and nightmares fill their heads.

They quickly ride back to Tolandra and experience the same nightmares night after night.

Once they reach Tolandra, they are immediately escorted to Aquis who takes possession of the skull. Grim notices a strange flicker of some emotion when they present the skull… but he is unable to determine it’s cause.

The party is rewarded for their success in this mission and asked to wait to be called upon again…


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