A human invoker with a slice of the power that is the Raven Queens to command.


Insight: 21 Perception: 14


Grim was born to a simple farming family as an only child and lived a quiet life. Until the village was attacked by a Band of Orcs. His mother grabbed him in her arms and tried to run for safety. The woman and child posed an easy target for an opportunistic goblin. He mercilessly cut the woman down with a javelin to the back. With her dying breath, the woman cursed her child as being responsible for her death. Barely understanding his mothers words, he began to furiously weep. With the muttering of the woman’s dying curse, a vision overtook him. A raven as black as midnight descended from the sky. It’s beak opened wider and wider until it could consume the woman’s body whole. It then turned it’s attention to the boy… With a quick movement the Bird snapped out the boys tongue. It then tore a feather from it’s wing and replaced the youngling’s tongue. And then darkness As the boy woke several hours later, he discovered that the band of orcs had moved on and a revelation filled his mind. A revelation that the ultimate justice of life is death. As he moved more and more into the waking realm he saw that several clerics of the Raven Queen had found him… Alone and covered in his mothers blood. But no longer crying.


Servants of the Raven Queen Raithen