Insight: 14 Perception: 21


In a small isolated temple hidden deep in a forest, Aelar Varis was trained as an avengert of the god Pelor. Using proven and refined methods ha was barely more than a thrall to the arch-priest. During his first mission to exterminate an evil cult operating just outside the forest, a revelation was imposed upon him. Before the killing blow landed on the cult leader, he was met by a smirk as the leader told him “death is but a transition”. Disturbed for a moment, he stopped to regard the idea. After finishing the job, he wandered off by himself. He realized that he agreed with the cult leaders statements. Now he searches for those that need this transition, refined be Pelor’s commandments, “alleviating” suffering where he finds it. Bringing the unbiased touch of death where needed.


Servants of the Raven Queen Raithen